Real Estate SEO Mission: Help local real estate businesses acquire and keep top visibility in Google search.
Take local online search market share back from the big box - big bucks syndications
and return it to the local agents who should rightfully own it.

SEO? That's Entertainment!

SEO? That's Entertainment!

Turning visitors into buyers & sellers is more than keywords ranking in Google. Hey, does that & they usually rank #1 so what are you doing that they aren't? Let's face it, Real Estate has become just a bit of an entertainment business too. That's no soft-sell!
iPhone <span class="spamp">&</span> Android?

iPhone & Android?

Making video in any community is easier than ever. Experiment with your phone's video capabilities. Virtually no one is really presenting their community in this way and site visitors love it! (So does Google)
  This video shot, edited and uploaded from an iPhone 4S.
Marketing Video

Marketing Video

Your video should feel personal and enter the conversation a homebuyer is already having in their head. Their own inner dialoge is a lot more important than yours. They care about what they want. Join that conversation and you're miles ahead.
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