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If you’ve found this post, you know this site got hit by Penguin 2.1 for it’s primary target keyword, real estate SEO. Nevertheless, Google upgraded it to PR3 and it ranks for pretty much anything else you would expect a PR3 site to rank for. What Google has done in its algorithms is to punish those who attempt to leverage and manipulate “monolithic” terms such as “homes for sale in Topeka KS.” Google has pretty much had it with ranking for single terms. The spam people have used to do that has become overwhelming to the entire Internet and Google’s own indexing system, so they took measures to punish the activity.

What Google is looking for now is authority on topic, not just specific keywords.

You can find my real estate SEO activity now on other websites that already rank on page one of Google.

It’s kind of like when the hunt brothers tried to corner the supermarket in 1979/1980. The regulatory agency COMEX changed the rules (algorithms if you will) to punish the Hunt brothers’ activities. Their family lost over four of their $5 billion fortune.

The moral of the story here is don’t anger Google with bad, mass volume I spammy links. They will get you.

Here’s my real estate SEO linked in profile

Here’s another website for my Murrieta lawn service guy.

Here’s a photo from it. He serves Temecula lawn clients too.

lawn services in Murrieta and Temecula

So, you can see, it’s not anchor text or links in general that Google is penalizing, it’s repeating the same thing over and over again on cheap free-for-all web 2.0 sites with no domain authority and no page rank that are there for the sole purpose of creating cheap links for very narrow unnatural rankings in monolithic keywords. If you’re going to create a website and link profile for a particular real estate market then make it broad enough to look like you’re targeting the expected range of the market and not just a quick grab for the single highest traffic generating keyword- as if Google doesn’t have that data and knows when you’ve chosen to isolate it.

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