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Think about this. If you have ever played chess, even a little bit, you already know that Kings never win the game. Kings have to be protected. They have special status but they don’t win the game. The other pieces do that. The Queen has sweeping power, and used effectively, can decimate the opposition. A halfway good chess player against a novice can wipe that novice out using a piece like the queen, virtually alone. A concert of the other pieces in the hands of a capable player means that that a more skilled player will have to be matched against them to overcome them in chess.

Are you starting to see the idea with links here? All Google did was remove some of the unilateral power of the Queen and insist that you use other pieces in your game too. They got tired of spammers using the power of links with specific anchor text in such a banal way as to ignore all the other factors in ranking a website, including links about relevant terms and topical relevance as well as simple URL links. 

That’s it. Go play a more sane version of chess in link building and you’re good.

Here’s proof. This concept and link building strategy put my Murrieta gardener and lawn care guy‘s website on page one. He is set to have a much better spring season in 2014. It’s not just for a single term that he is there, it’s for multiple, topically relevant terms like garden care too. Guess what else is rising in the ranks? Neighboring city terms like Temecula CA lawn services. More challenging yet it’s getting traction there too. 

This concept did the same for real estate targets too like this Birch Bah WA area real estate website. Eventually, when you don’t try to corner the market in real estate rankings and be reasonable about topical relevance, you perform just fine, link building and all.

PS. I’m enjoying this time in Maui while people living in Mclean VA homes are feeling the cold.

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